Republican Michele Bachmann Feels Questlove Should Be Kicked Out Of The Roots Group

Republican Michele Bachmann came on the Jimmy Fallon show last night and did not like the song the Roots played when she came out on stage. The Roots played Fishbone’s old song Lyin Ass Bitch. Now Michele is trying to put the blame on the Root’s drummer Questlove. Michele Bachmann feels this is sexism and she also felt that Questlove should be fired too. Michele also felt that this would of never happened to Michelle Obama. NBC went on to apologize to Michele Bachmann and so did Questlove via twitter. No need to apologies Questlove I know how you feel. I have heard her views about immigration and I felt that her views was racist.

Written by SupremeReaction


  1. JJennings · November 24, 2011

    FYI – It’s “apologize” not “apologies.” Apologies is the plural form. (As in “Michelle Bachmann accepted the network and Fallon’s apologies.” Please learn your words if you’re going to blog! Thank you!


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