T.I. Wants To Quit The Rap Game…

Well, T.I. has a problem with the rap game right now. T.I. wants to quit the game because there are a lot of rappers out there who are not living the life that they are rapping. He feels that is a problem because it wasn’t like that when he first stepped in the game. T.I. was on the Breakfast Club Radio and explained how he felt. This is what T.I. had to say.

“It was at one time, this music was about speaking to the people who felt like you feel. Now, the people I’m speaking to, they don’t necessarily feel like how I feel. In my day, if you were rapping about something you weren’t really living, that was a strike against you. You were held accountable. Nowadays, nobody even expects you to live up to the things you rap about. That goes against what I represent, what I stand for. So if they outsell me, then that’s just all the more better for me to fade to the back and cross my legs on my desk.”

Written by SupremeReaction


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