What’s The Big Fuss About Michelle Obama

What’s The Big Fuss About Michelle Obama

So, the internet has been buzzing since Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Everyone has been talking about Michelle Obama being mad during the whole President Obama and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. They both took a picture of themselves together and people are now saying that Michelle Obama was giving them the evil eye. First, of all you never know what people are thinking unless you ask them. Why is the general public just going on a facial expression Michelle Obama made. First it was the rolling the eyes at the dinner now this. I really think this has been blown way out of proportion. Secondly, she does not look mad at all. It looks like a regular facial expression but the people in the media are going to make into something else. Do you actually believe that President Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt are going to have a secret affair or something. Come on people lets quit the non sense and get to what that day was really about and that was Nelson Mandela. Enough said because I will say no more on this subject matter.

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